RBC's youth ministry exists to teach the love of Christ to teenagers. Teenage years are a pivotal period and it is our goal to help guide them through it by and helping them grow in their knowledge and faith in God.  

Our vision is to teach and display the gospel to students in a way that ignites their faith and guides them into their own personal ministry. We do this by teaching and modeling how to worship, pray, study the Bible and connecting through small groups where each student can be heard and known. Our desire is that when they are ready to leave High School they are "on fire" for God and will be ready to spread that gospel fire to every corner of the world that they will touch in their coming years!

Youth group meets each Sunday @ 12-2pm at our church building at 926 Ames St.

Check out our RBC Youth YouTube channel for a curated list of Christian artists and recommended blogger channels: https://redemptionbible.church/YOUTHtube

Connect with us on Facebook.  For more information, feel free to contact us at youth@redemptionbible.church.